Episode 0 - Intro

This Bonus Episode explains who THE STARTUP CLUB is and what you can expect from this Podcast. 

Every week we will interview Startup Founders, all of whom are successful small business owners from around San Antonio.  Our goal is to educate and inspire entrepreneurs, like YOU, to start and grow your business.  We also interview subject matter experts in all areas of business to teach you invaluable lessons that you can take away and use in your business that same day. 

We want to expand your definition of "Startup" to include all small business.  To do that, we interview not just Tech Startups (which are increasing in San Antonio) but also entrepreneurs from all industries.  This will show just how similar we are, as entrepreneurs, humans, and San Antonians.  

In future episodes this Show Notes section will include links and relevant information pertaining to the Episode. 

Thank you for listening!