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You can do this. You just need what everyone needs to be successful: Help! The Startup Club is here for you. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running a business for years, you’ll find the tools, training, and support you need to start or grow your business.  And the best part... It's free!

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1. Facebook Group Access

The Facebook Group is where you meet and connect with other Club Members on the same journey as you. You can get advice and feedback while sharing your progress and celebrating your successes. This is a place full of energy, excitement, and encouragement from San Antonian Business Owners who are out there making things happen!

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2. Full Premium Tool Library

You will receive full access to our comprehensive collection of templates, forms, and tools. In addition, we will help you step by step through everything you need to launch or grow your business and reach your goals. New tools are added regularly, and include unlimited downloads.


3. Free Guidebook

This book is PACKED with information that will help you create a step-by-step, customized plan to start and grow your business in San Antonio. The Guidebook explains important concepts like pricing, taxes, and budgeting in simple terms; teaches you how to use marketing to reach the right people in the right way and empowers you to sell your product or service with confidence. When roadblocks come along, you'll be equipped with this book to know exactly what actions to take.


4. Business Health Check

Keep a pulse on the overall health of your business with this quarterly assessment. We’ll help you evaluate the four most important areas: Marketing and Sales, Time Management, Operations, and of course, Money Management. You can take this each quarter and receive a personalized Business Score with ideas for improvement.


5. Early Access

As a Club Member, you will be notified early of upcoming Meet-ups, updates, and exclusives. You will be able to sign up for events before non-members and be able to skip the registration lines at the events.


6. Get Featured

Startup Club Members get the chance* to share their story to help inspire and motivate other would-be San Antonio entrepreneurs. Get ready to spread the word about the idea behind your business and reach thousands of listeners just like you.


Club membership also includes these other great features!

  • Member Discounts to Local and National Business Vendors

  • Free Credit and Income Review for your Business

  • LinkedIn Group and Book Club Access

  • Access to “Ask the Professor” where you can submit your questions to THE STARTUP CLUB mentors

  • Cross Promotion with Members, and Advertising Discounts

  • Updates on: Blog posts, Meet-ups, Podcasts, Webinars, & Club Updates


*Note: an interview is not guaranteed, there are a number of factors that we use to choose our Podcast guests.  Though we love to feature our Club Members, and frequently select from this group.


Need more info?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.