Ready to start and grow your business? Welcome to THE STARTUP CLUB, you’ve come to the right place. This book is PACKED full of information to help you take your business idea from a startup to an empire. If you’d like to download the entire book, or just support the Club, you can buy it on Amazon!


“Remember to dream big, think long-term, underacheive on a daily basis, and take baby steps. That is the key to long-term success.” – Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Net worth $80 million)


With this book you will learn the “secrets” of successful entrepreneurship that will help turn your dream into a full blown reality.  Over the years, we’ve witnessed this paradox manifest itself with entrepreneurs who turned small ideas into global businesses. These small business owners turned CEOs come from all walks of life, with varying levels of education and expertise.  These dreamers who have launched amazing companies (many of whom are featured in this book) took different paths, but all landed at the same place: the top. How did they do it? Simply put, they found the recipe for success: a combination of inspired action, hard work, and calculated risk.  They discovered the “secrets” and so can you.

If you are reading this, you’re thinking about taking the leap into business ownership.  Maybe you have a corporate job with perks and benefits. Maybe you have a young family. Maybe you have student debt.  Or maybe you can’t find a job that fits you. Whatever it is, perhaps you’re hesitating because you’re not sure how to do it.  You can envision your product (or service) sitting on store shelves, floating on a mobile phone screen, sitting on a plate, or in people’s homes and offices all over the world.  But you’re just not sure how to get there. If this is you, we welcome you to THE STARTUP CLUB. Many of our members are further along than you, some are not quite where you are, but all of us are with you.  This book will help you connect point A to point B and together we will walk through the crucial stages of taking your startup idea to empire.

If you’d like to download the entire book, or just support the Club, you can Buy it on Amazon for just $4.99! Also Available in Paperback!

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