Do i have to live in san antonio to join the club?

Nope! Everyone is welcome.  You just need to share our love for tacos. (just kidding)

Do i have to pay for club membership?

Never! Club membership is free forever.  

Will you send me a bunch of Spam?

Heck no!  We hate spam just as much as you.  We only send out updates on Startup Club events, podcast episodes, and new features for Club members to use so you can get the most out of your Club membership.  Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

How do you make money?

The guys behind the scenes of THE STARTUP CLUB are three active duty Air Force officers: Sam, Derek, and Ricky.  We make our money from our day job, serving the country.  So we're not concerned about making money from Club Members.  As a non-profit, we're more concerned with growing our community, helping small business owners, and making great connections and friends around San Antonio.  With that said, we do have affiliate advertisers on the podcast, blogs, and around the website to help cover expenses like website hosting, events, and other stuff.  We choose our affiliate partners very carefully.  They must offer awesome services or products that will be beneficial to our entrepreneurial Club members, and they must be companies that we have used before and have had great experiences with.  Learn more about how we pick them: here.  In short: we won't promote anything that we wouldn't recommend to our mothers.

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