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FreshBooks: 2 Thumbs WAY UP

One third of businesses fail in their first two years.  That’s a harrowing fact. But the truth is, most failed companies did not fail because they didn’t have the right product or demand.   They fail because they don’t have a handle on money. ..

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How To Have Your Most Productive Day

Have you ever asked yourself, “How am I possibly going to get everything done today?” Or maybe you’ve said to yourself, “Man, I was running around all day, but what did I really accomplish?” As an entrepreneur you will often find yourself asking how will I get everything done? Here’s a secret…

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3 Biggest Wastes of Money in Marketing

I’m guilty. For a long time I spent money on marketing that never really worked.

In one of my first businesses, we redesigned our website, bought nice brochures, and went to tradeshows — SO. many. tradeshows. I hoped that the next thing we tried would be it. Maybe this time we’d capture the marketing “magic” that would drive sales and registrations.

Spoiler Alert: none of it ever worked — even though we had a great product.

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How to Get Media Coverage for Your Startup Business

As a boot-strapping founder, you don’t have the resources to spend on a public relations firm. So how can you gain the media’s attention? What makes a reporter want to write your story? How should you prepare for your first interview?

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