Make Your Woodworking Hobby into a Business


Having a hobby is awesome. It can help you unwind, energize you, be a conversation starter, and yes - even earn you some cash. Exactly how you can make money with your hobby can vary depending on exactly what your hobby entails, but it is typically pretty easy.

Here’s how to use your woodworking hobby to make money.

Woodworking is a hobby with versatility! It can involve as little as a tube of wood glue and a decent set of screwdrivers to a complicated set of tools. You can make everything from wooden toys to wicker baskets, garden benches to storage bins. This is definitely a hobby that has limitless possibilities. Perhaps that is why there are so many ways to make money with this amazing hobby.

Though you can't expect "full price" by selling on websites like Craigslist, it is a viable option, especially with cheaper items. Selling furniture pieces is easier this way, as it doesn't involve shipping and is more likely to be seen by a buyer.

If you're more of the wooden toy maker (such as pull along doggies), opening up your own shop on websites like Etsy will help you rake in the cash. For a small percentage, you can sell your items to people who appreciate the term "handcrafted." It is also a great place to sell wood-based artwork and other small wooden trinkets. 

For more unique pieces or pieces too large for shipping or too expensive for websites like Etsy andCraigslist, you can find a surprising amount of success at farmer's markets. Many cities also have weekly or monthly crafter fairs. Look up your local fairs and go to the meetups to  sellthese items.

Several towns or small cities have yearly festivals A local one here is the HogEye Festival, which is farm-themed. By making theme-appropriate items, you can expect a lot of cash coming your way. 

Passing out cards with samples of your work to local art galleries, going to local shops that sell on consignment, and even offering tutorials on Youtube can all bring in cash.

Local art galleries will usually pass out local talents' cards. Consignment shops will take around 30%, but will take the pressure of finding a buyer off of you, and many Youtube DIYers are swamped with requests to buy the items made in-video. 

There are tons of great ways to make money from just about any hobby. Good luck, and happy crafting on your journey to build wealth the fun way!