FreshBooks: 2 Thumbs WAY UP

In this post I’ll tell you why Accounting software is the one thing EVERY entrepreneur should invest in, and why FreshBooks is my favorite option.


Pick a company name, register your business, start a website, build your SEO, open a bank account, update your social media, pick out an office space, write a business plan, apply for funding, hire a team, create a product, plan a launch event, gain clients, on and on.  Feeling overwhelmed? You should be. There is so much to do and remember when you are starting a business… You’ll be very VERY busy.

Luckily, Cloud Accounting Software is here to make your life easier, and FreshBooks is the best.

One third of businesses fail in their first two years.  That’s a harrowing fact. But the truth is, most failed companies did not fail because they didn’t have the right product or demand.   They fail because they don’t have a handle on money.

They don’t have an income problem, they have cash flow problems.  Whether it is out-of-control expenses, or clients not paying on time, or scope creep that turns good projects into unprofitable ones, the lack of control is what causes problems.  FreshBooks eliminates this, quickly and easily. Using FreshBooks allows you to:

  • Invoice on time and accurately (while also looking very professional)

  • Collect payments online, simply (with friendly reminders)

  • Track and categorize expenses as you go, so you know exactly how much is coming and going

  • Quickly prepare for Tax Season

  • Easily create proposals that are professional and streamlined

  • Track data on customer trends and company spending

  • Scale.  The FreshBooks system is designed to grow with you

By the way, the app is beautiful too.  Checkout this video to see how easy it is use:

Your Clients Will Thank You

Amazon is known for their strive to decrease “friction” in each transaction.  They know, that the easier you make it for customers to give you money, the more money they’ll spend.  Cloud accounting software decreases the friction in your transactions, automatically.

For example, my house cleaners use FreshBooks.  I get an invoice in my inbox every month, clearly breaking down the number of items and times I’ve used the service, and my credit card is saved, so all I have to do is click “Pay Now.”  

This is so much easier for me than writing checks or leaving cash on the kitchen table.  Plus, I get to accrue cash back rewards from my credit card. It’s not only easy for me; it makes me feel like my cleaning ladies have their act together.  Their business is professional and on top of their game.

Present yourself in a way that will make you more trustworthy, and technically savvy.  Especially if you’re in a business whose brand is sleek and modern. It’s a win-win.

Checkout this video showing how easy it is to put together beautiful, recurring invoices:

FreshBooks Will Help You Be Objective

I’ve had the privilege of using FreshBooks from both sides: Not only was I on the receiving end as a customer of my cleaning ladies, but I’ve also used the software as small business owner myself.  One of the coolest benefits I found while using FreshBooks to keep track of my spending and invoicing, was that it allowed me to have better insights into my business. As a custom furniture builder, I found that certain tables were producing more profit than my other pieces, and TV stands (that I loved to build) were actually not profitable.  It helped me to be objective about my business, when my passion was clouding my judgement. Seeing all the numbers presented easily by FreshBooks helped me to make faster decisions because I knew the data was accurate.

Another benefit was seeing which clients were most profitable, and it allowed me to build on those relationships.  Who would have thought that accounting software could actually help with CRM? Ha!

FreshBooks is Designed to Grow With You

Sure, you can track expenses and customer orders on Excel. I did for over a year.  But what I found is that FreshBooks saved so much time, and was more accurate. I lost sleep over the idea that all my data could be lost if I accidentally saved over my sheet, and saved several copies to mitigate that risk, but then had several copies of outdated information floating around my Google Drive.  Additionally, as my company grew, I knew that the Excel sheet I’d used for months was going to be a nightmare to train someone else to use. Trust me, let me save you so much headache: you will grow out of your Excel sheets, and when that time comes you’ll be stressed, and in a hurry. Avoid the hassle of re-inputting information into a new system, and start with FreshBooks from the get go.  FreshBooks is simple and accessible, so my new hires were able to jump right in with almost no training.

I also saved money with my CPA at tax time.  Instead of sifting the Excel sheet from hell, FreshBooks gave me clean reports to give at tax time which made his life easier.  I even used these reports for company status meetings.


To run a successful business, you need to be passionate about managing your finances.  FreshBooks is like hiring a small army of money managers to help you. The software is reliable, and the customer service is top notch. Best of all, it’s extremely affordable!  Checkout their pricing breakdown here.

Bottom line: I love it! And I know you will too.

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